This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Realize, a word of integrity,  if that makes any sense… Talking in ways of disrespect and ignorance ALLOWS me to “Realize” who you are,  who you think I am, and who I am not.

Love is LOVE.


Allow me to use happiness as my defense mechanism.

Does it hurt, are you so upset and in pain that you’d rather see me in chains and inbondage? Would you like me to go down , go under, get a dirtier mind? Well this is a REAL’IZE’ BRAIN, nothing of a Raisin Brand Mind , or is it

– to you?

Question marks above yet my brain is still strong with my ‘HOLY TRINTIY ARMOR ON’ I stand tall and proud with a smile on my face.

Beaming high no lurking of this non-smirking face.

– T. Hall

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