My Story 

If you ever feel down and it, or like you can’t make it, here are some amazing , wonderful,  beautiful and vivid people who live and care for you the same way I do! You are never alone !! Xoxo



Sometimes we find ourselves upset , annoyed and frustrated.

I personally know that first hand.

I used to cry myself to sleep, sometimes I still do.I would always ask God why he was doing that to me, why he didn’t love me , saying “I hate you” to God. When in actuality I was the one who I hated.

I was the person who I never loved,  who annoyed,  frustrated, and angered me. That person was myself.I was the only person who knew what was going on inside my own head. The only person who felt my pain the way I felt my pain would be myself. Sometimes we you can find yourself blaming you as a person,  others,  and God because of what is happening in our own lives, when in all actuality it is just preparing us for our greater good!

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