Self Doubt and Aniexty

I have, for most of my whole life, have had sleepless nights, aniexty on the brain, and sadness of fear or nervousness – and most often guilt over the simple things in life. It gets to the point where I don’t feel like going outside, getting out of bed, and even walking out to the kitchen.

Mental Health is no excuse for any of these things but, I deal with it and depression almost everyday.

Guilt from one small thing such as making someone upset or accidently making a wrong turn during traffic and causing someone to be angry, to making someone look up at me when they are talking while I am being silly and laughing. These small things for people with certain mental health illnesses can be a lot from Bipolar disorders to Aniexty to OCD, and all the other illnesses that have to do with mental health and more.

Life can get so tough and so scary, but I learned and continue to keep learning to be free within myself and accepting myself – not only to not be ashamed but to help others.

Please contact me through my blog for more advice and contact information for other networks who will help you if you are feeling down in the dumps , think you may have symptoms of a certain mental illness , or you are in need to speak to someone and you have already been diagnosed,

You do not have to be in this alone.

Yoy are loved. ❤

@tiarahallofficial :

Education About Mental Health:

If you need someone to talk to or are feeling depressed/suicidal :

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