Self Esteem Issues

We often as human beings compare ourselves to others.

We look up to others, and even try to act like others.

Whether it is a older sibling, the cool kids in school, a celebrity, a role model, and even characters on T.V. we began to minimize ourselves and regret the person who God has called us to be because other people seem so cool and intriguing.

I am here to tell you in the name of Jesus that you are blessed, healed, and beautifully made in the image of God!

No one can stop you, accept God.

No one can make you feel bad about yourself, as you are a child of God!

No one can make you look down upon yourself, as you are protected in the name of Jesus! – Amen

So, forgive those who made you feel like this, that you are of lower standards than they who speak down to you. Stop carrying their issues and baggage as they were reflecting upon themselves and not you.

Act as if they never existed and move on, but take the lesson of knowing that you are more worthy than what those people made you out to be.

Forgive yourself if you were this person who was bullying, you are a better person now and God has forgiven you, so you should too. – Amen

If you have not changed your ways go to God now and in the name of Jesus may he set you free from your evil ways, sin, and regret! – Amen

If you were the one bullied, it is time to forgive yourself for not sticking up for yourself. Little did you know you were doing the work of God by not retaliating as Jesus does not condone violence, but instead tells us to love our enemies. – Amen

Forgive yourself for believing these things that people said about you. For tearing yourself down and looking upon yourself just as they did! – Amen

You are forgiven, so forgive.

Forget the bad things too, just as God did, but remember the lesson and testimony inside of it.

Remodeling yourself in Christ to be made new in him, and allow him to remove the past thoughts, memories, and regrets of your life in the name of Jesus! Use this as your testimony, remembering the advice for your current and future self, as well as the generations of kids that come after you.

God bless,

– Tiara, words from God. ♡

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