A letter to my younger self.

What do you say to your younger self?

I say to younger Tiara:

You are loved, you are happier now, it all works out because God is with you, and he always will be. Never forget that, ever.

Thank you, Jesus, for grace and growth!

– Tiara, words to God of thanksgiving.

2 thoughts on “A letter to my younger self.

  1. To my younger self.
    Thank you for never giving up.
    Especially because suicide was our best friend u til our heart was stolen.
    Once I identified the author of said fact. I immediately fell in Luv.
    How and why would this “Being” chase us down??? I’ll never know.
    But I too am taking over now.
    Because I have a fresher perspective on freedom and obedience.
    Sorest easy younger self for I won’t rest until we are one and we hear Christ say Welll Done thy good and faithful servant!!!!!!

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    1. HALLELUJAH!!! Thank You, Jesus, for grace, mercy, and salvation!! Thank Swan for this beautiful comment!!! Please also write to God. You have a gift, it is bright and beautiful


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