As I get older I realize it is important to be exactly who we are in real life on social media. As Christians we are to be servants of Christ wherever we are and in whatever we are doing. I realize how quickly my spirit is rattled if I say something harsh and rash, even if it is in my mind. Though my harsh and rash may be “kind to the world”, if it is not of God I want no parts of it.

I write all this to say that as children of God we do not live up to the standards of this world. It is not good enough to be kind, let sin in, and listen to Hillsong worship to experience and enter the kingdom of Heaven.

Turn to God, READ HIS WORD, Listen to those He sends to you, He is always speaking to you in His word. Do what is right, not what is wrong. Tell the truth, not a lie. Love others, instead of hating others. Sin is sin, whether we like it or not. Turn from it because it only leads to death. Your time could be tomorrow, so change right now.

You cannot escape the Love of God. So, Accept His love before His Wrath comes.

Jesus loves you.


Tiara Words from God

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