Stop doubting, start believing

“Love the Lord with all your mind, body, and soul”

Jesus’ words sing so true to my ears as I write this. The truth is that the Lord our God is faithful, all we have to do is believe. Belief comes in trust, it comes in love, and it also comes in kindness. We should trust the Lord, love God and love others, show kindness to God, ourselves, and others. We live in a put yourself first society yet God is beyond greater than we are. When we put God first is when we truly blossom. Grow in God as believers. Be the follower of Jesus Christ that God has destined you to be. I am a living witness of being a luke warm believer at certain points in my life thus far. I rebuke that in Jesus name from happening to me or you again. Trust in God, forgive yourself, forgive others, and love others. God is love, and you are His child once you are adopted into the family of God by acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Lord and saving and the repentance of your sins. We confess these things with your mouth Satan is no longer the master of your life, God is your Father! Hallelujah! God bless you. For you serve a God whom is a Master and a Father. This is the greatest blessing of all, knowing and loving the Lord. God bless you brothers and sisters in Christ. Stop doubting, start believing.

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