No longer defeated. We win!

You will not be defeated by the enemy. You are prosperous. You are worthy. You are good. You are well. The Lord is on your side. You are his child. Keep going. Keep perceiving. Dear Lord, we ask for your freedom. We thank you that condemnation is not upon us, we thank you that you have set us free. We thank you for the joy you give us in your son Jesus Christ. We thank you that we can celebrate the birth of Jesus, the crucifixion of Jesus, and the resurrection of Jesus. Lord, Abba God, we bless your holy name! Keep us from the hand of the enemy. May our mind not play tricks on us, may the enemy no longer be able to speak to us, may our eyes no longer lurk nor see things that you desire us not to see. Keep us pure. Keep our mouths clean, keep our hearts soft, keep our friendships real, keep our families close. Remove the scales from our eyes. Remove the vindication we have placed upon ourselves for you are a God of forgiveness. May we forgive others and ourselves as you have so graciously given to us. We need you Lord, keep us safe. We know coming to you causes the enemy distain. This means war, Lord. But the battles is not ours, it’s Yours! Bless your name Father God that we no longer have to live in sin nor be afraid of the enemy. Satan no longer has a place in our hearts nor our lives for the war is won because the Son has risen. Alleluia, we are free at last. In Jesus name. Amen 💕💕


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