Protected and Blessed in the name of the Lord

God knows,

That’s all that matters.

I’m not looking for fame, I’m famous in my Father’s eyes!


I’m not looking for acceptance, I’m already accepted by my Father!

Hallelujah. ❤

May you all be blessed in the name of the Lord with prosperity, peace, purpose, and protected from any plans, schemes, and/or snares of the enemy.

God bless you all,

Be protected and blessed in the name of the Lord!

A letter to my younger self.

What do you say to your younger self?

I say to younger Tiara:

You are loved, you are happier now, it all works out because God is with you, and he always will be. Never forget that, ever.

Thank you, Jesus, for grace and growth!

– Tiara, words to God of thanksgiving.


STOP whatever you are doing,


(Read Aloud)

Read this: LET IT GO.

Whatever is making you feel:

• Less than
• Hurt
• Violated
• Anxious
• Depressed
• Lonely
• Discouraged
• Angry
• Small
• Sad


It is not worth your time, your energy, or the discouragement of your spirit.

You have the power to say no.
You have the power to say no to the enemy.
You have the power to say no to where your mind wants to take you.


Rebuke all things that are not of God in the name of Jesus. Saying:

Lord I rebuke all things that are not of you in my life. Take control of my heart God, heal me Lord, cleanse me of toxicity and ignorance Father. In Jesus’s mighty and matchless name protect me from my mind, heal my wounds from my past, and shield me from darkness. Amen. 🙏🏾

You are new, you are clean, you are righteous in God’s eyes when you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Your slate is swept clean, you are as white as snow, and as righteous as holy water.

Prayer to be saved by Jesus Christ:

No matter what you have done, what you have said, what you are doing, or will do:


Remember that.

God bless, Jesus loves you.

  • Tiara words from God. ♡🕊♡

Find Dulce Alavez

Hi Everyone,

With a platform like this it is important to share the things most important to us.
I came across Dulce Alavez’s case through a missing person’s ad on a newspaper a few months ago.

Please if you have ANY information contact the police. It is important to get her home, as she was last seen on September 16th of 2019 at Bridgeton City Park located in New Jersey being taken by a man, led to a red van with a sliding door and tinted windows.

Letters from Cleveland, Weatherfield, and Austintown Ohio have been recieved yet led to no outlet.

This little girl needs our #help. It is up to you to stop what you are doing think about your surroundings and if you have seen her. Let us #pray for her homecoming and that she is safe and protected in God’s hands.

Please #share this post!
Let us pray her abductor sends her home #safe, alive, and well immediately.

Bring Dulce #home, Thank you.

Anyone with information about Dulce’s disappearance can call 800-CALL-FBI (225-5324) option 4, option 8. Information can also be reported to Bridgeton’s TIP 411 text service by texting “Bridgeton” plus the information to 847411. – NewJersey105

He is Risen. Resurrection Sunday

God will send revelation.

When you ask him to remove toxicity, anger, and hurt out of your life and you see those prayers coming to fruition DO NOT TURN BACK!

He is asking you to turn from your ways.

To trust in him is all he asks.

To change your ways, and become new.

For you are saved by Jesus Christ! You do not live in sin, in toxicity, or pain. For he took all the pain for you on the cross in which he died, and rose again on the third day for you to have grace, peace, and happiness.

Take his offering of a new life and live it to your best ability. Put up your cross and give it all to him.

For it is not worth losing your salvation, your stability, your sanctity for sin.

It is not worth it, it is not worth you losing your freedom or your sanity for lust.

So, I ask you to listen to God. It is so worth it!

It may be the people you least expect to leave your life, but that’s the blessing.

You may not have done anything wrong, in fact you probably didn’t do anything!

He’s just protecting you.

So when people walk out of your life that you love, do not be discouraged.

For God loves you, loves you so much.

More than you know.

Trust in him brothers and sisters in Christ.

God bless.

Happy Easter! ♡




To, and, The Fix.

When I allow you to go back into a troubled place, a troubled space, a troubled mindset, a troubled lifestyle, or all of the above, it is because I am allowing you to go back to fix the situation for good. No returning to fill holes in gaps, but to feel and fill Me in You! ♡

– Me, God.

The Girl serving God Almighty.

She knew she could, so she did.

She loved, because she knew how it felt.

She cared, because one day someone decided not to care for her.

She felt safe, because she was a child of God the Almighty ~ maker of Heaven and Earth.

She sacrificed jobs and opportunities, because the true King sacrificed it all.

She knew of him, so she became part of him.

Who is he? They wonder.

She answers


– Words from God

Curly Hair Routine


This can last anywhere from 1 day or a Week with a cowash in between for 2!

I sleep on silk pillow case at night, and where a bonnet.

I refresh my curls with some water and oil at night, or you can do two strand twists with this curly girl tip! ^




Whole Blends:

Color Treated Hair Shampoo and Conditioner


You can also use the Aussie Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner.

– Purchased from K-Mart


The 3× Moisture and The Leave in conditioner for curls!

-Purchased from Target

A 3 prong comb

Hair tooth brush

Pro-Style brown gel

– Purchased from the Dollar Store!

African Olive Oil or Vitamin E Oil

– Can be purchased online at Sam’s Beauty , the Dollar Store, Giant, or Target.


I wash and condition my hair

Come my hair out

Dry hair with a towel – micro fiberor T-shirt is preferred for healthier hair! (You don’t have to though)

Rake the Oil in your hair

Next you put in your Moisturizer and Leave In Conditioner (one or the other also works! – best together for great moisture for your hair and scalp)

Allow your hair to dry at least 50-80%

*The time depends on the density/course and texture/length of your hair.*

– My hair takes about 10-20 minutes for this process.

Pick and fluff out your hair.

Lay your edges if you would like!

Using hair tooth brush and brown gel or another edge controller/gel/hair lotion

Pick hair with comb to achieve the shape and look you want to polish your hair!


New Videos coming soon, even one of the Wash & Go!

Thanks for Reading,

Ti! ❤❤❤

My Love for Fenty Beauty!

Fenty Beauty Has an AMAZING LINE! So far I’ve tried out the ‘Trophy Wife Highlighter’ and I love it!

I use it with a beauty blender over my #concealer and it stays on all day! I did reapply it one day – but I didn’t use primer so applying after a whole 6 hour day into the evening was NOT bad AT ALL!

Overall I love FENTY And RIHANNA!

This brand is animal cruelty free and has an amazing line for all women, especially those of color such as myself!

– Ti

Every Day (Glowy) Make Up

For my everyday make up routine I use :


Clinique’s 2 in 1 Eyebrow Pencil , or Claire’s High Volume Blue Bottle Mascara


Artistry Light Up Champagne Lip gloss


If I put on Mascara for my lashes I’ll use the Black Mascara from L.A. Colors

If I use foundation, which I rarely use. I will put on my Clinique Foundation.

I also use my beauty blender (can be purchased at Target or The Dollar Store)

For Highlighter and Eye Shadow if used, the ‘Trophy Wife Highlighter’

For Concealer I use LA Colors Concealer, I just started using concealer in general a couple of weeks ago and I love it, tjis brand is affordable and gets the job done!