“What you see on social media is not the whole story.”

First Lady of Real Estate Tabitha Caver

So true! Not every that glitters is gold and grass is not always greener on the other side. Try your best. Do not compare yourself to others! If you feel yourself doing this take a social media break. You are loved, loved, loved by God tenfold! May your blessings be abundant this year. Turn to Jesus He is the way, the truth, and the life. (John 14:6) 🙂

God’s girl

I am not perfect.

I try my best, yet often my best does not seem good enough.

I am not even sure what good enough is. Maybe it is something I will find one day, or maybe it is something I already have.

I am endlessly searching for something, some type of validation. But the truth is I cannot answer my calls for help of my past. What I can do is give it to God and move on, accepting that He is the only one who can validate me. Not others, not mere mortals. Not even myself.

I am God’s, not self’s.

Mere Victory

Failing is a fear I have had all to long.

With each company I desire to work for telling me that the position I have desired has just been filled, I tremble with regret. I look around and yet I have no friends. I am merely alone as I sit in my room ready to give up. But then I remember this Bible verse, I lift my eyes up to the hills where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord makeover of Heaven and Earth. Yes I was once lost, yet though I am found I still feel confused. The failing of tests both academically and in life are weighing on me. But because of God I shall triumph! Victory is mine sayeth the Lord, and I am on the Lord’s side. The winning side.


I often feel lost,

I am constantly cheering others up when I feel down.

Unfortunately this is constant in our society, and the truth is God loves us whether we feel lost or found.

I’ve ruined so many things, yet God has restored them before I’ve even broken them. He knows my truth and thankfully God has loved me even when I feel lost, even when I felt that I ruined things, even when I felt that I wanted to die and end all that He has blessed me with, given me, and has enstore for me.