My Start

My Love for Writing started as a child. Storytelling, Making Comic Books, Thinking of Television shows visually and finding ways to write them out by script.

I still have my first “essay” from me as a 1st grader talking about what I would do with ‘1,000 dollars’. I said that I would by a cat, and my mother a house!

(A fun fact we now live in a cozy house of a home and I’m SUCH a dog person, I have the twelve-year-old poodle that I’ve adopted — August 10th of 2017)

Writing is such a coping skill of mine. It takes away anxiety, depression, fear, and self-doubt.

Whether it be typing, writing, spelling, thinking, visualizing — my mind is forever thinking of stories, that’s my job: to tell my stories fiction or realistic! To be the wonder of the eyes of others and there own wonders 🙂

Update 2020:

I now see that God has placed me here for a reason. To grow spiritually in him and with him as he writes through me, producing words that only he can say and make them out of love and happiness.

Life is a gift, Love is love, God is key.

– Tiara, words for God.