Dear Lord,

I pray for your mercy in my heart and in all those hearts around the world.

Heal our brokenness,

Ease our wounds.

We all need you father, now more than ever as today is the day that you have made.

Let us rejoice and be glad in it Father.

Please bless those in bondage, in famine, and in danger father.

Please heal our hearts as we know that it is where you lay your foundation of love.

Heal our souls as we need you to be the center of our lives.

Heal our minds as for only you know the thoughts we have and will have,

Father –

Help us and heal our spirits as the Holy spirit is you in another form Father. Allow the holy spirit to into our minds, bodies and hearts and let us become better not as just human beings but as children of the kingdom, As souls who want be to with you and stand for you in all eternity.

Lord, bless us in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

In your name Father, Jesus, and Spirit


– Tiara, words from GOD. ♡

Black and Frustrated by ignorance.

I have time today,

As a black woman who has gets asked these questions almost weekly, I am going to say this for the one time:

Do not ask to touch my hair.
Do not ask me about the “n” word and if it is “ok” for YOU to use it.
Do not ask me why black lives matter and all lives “don’t”.
Do not ask me if my “father” is present in my life.
Do not ask me if ANYTHING that you feel is discriminatory to come out of your mouth to ask a question.
Do not tell me about my own posts on black culture, such as this.

It’s 2018.
Know better.
Do better.
If you’re curious go research, truly research the meanings of why these stereotypical questions are truly offensive.
My life is far to busy to be asked such questions.

Becoming an adult and seeing the “real world”, I’m starting to understand why being a person of color is a struggle within itself.

I’m tired of it,

Thank you. 🧘🏾‍♀️

Ti ♡

– Tiara Leigh Hall

“Existing and Thriving as a black woman is a revolution itself” – Amanda Stenburg

Missin’ You.

2 months.

What a short time, it feels like a lifetime.

I miss you.

You deserved to go and be with your maker.

You deserve to be happy with our Father in heaven.

I pray you rest peacefully, and happily, but most of all gracefully.

Thank you for your teachings, the memories, and the love.

Thank you for watching me do backflips in the pool, and long hugs when I was feeling down about school.

Thank you for always being my friend.

My best friend to be exact,

Love you more than the stars Mom’mom. ♡


– Tiara Leigh Hall

Inner Peace: Finding

Love the life you live, live the life you love.
Once you find inner peace, and you truly find it – it’s beautiful.
Forgive others for yourself.
Forgive you for yourself.
Trust in God ♡

– Tiara Leigh Hall

Sunday Workshops

Today in church some lyrics stuck with me from our praise and worship.

“I live by faith, and not by sight.
Sometimes miracles take time.”

Song 🎶 :

While I Wait: Lincoln Brewster

Being still is difficult, frustrating, and sometimes (or most of the time for me) very confusing.


GOD has a plan just for you!

You are on the right path when he is leading the way.

Learning Experiences

You never know what life is going to bring you,


Find, you.

We all strive to be our best, at least we think we do. Sometimes we will strive for what others want us to do or say to do. We acutally do this often, at least I do.

Find you , find what you love, Be what you love.

Because without love, we aren’t anything.

Without faith we nothing.

Without a dream, we sit in a pit of wastelessness.

Find you, rely on yourself and God.

You’ve got this.

– Ti

Self Doubt and Aniexty

I have, for most of my whole life, have had sleepless nights, aniexty on the brain, and sadness of fear or nervousness – and most often guilt over the simple things in life. It gets to the point where I don’t feel like going outside, getting out of bed, and even walking out to the kitchen.

Mental Health is no excuse for any of these things but, I deal with it and depression almost everyday.

Guilt from one small thing such as making someone upset or accidently making a wrong turn during traffic and causing someone to be angry, to making someone look up at me when they are talking while I am being silly and laughing. These small things for people with certain mental health illnesses can be a lot from Bipolar disorders to Aniexty to OCD, and all the other illnesses that have to do with mental health and more.

Life can get so tough and so scary, but I learned and continue to keep learning to be free within myself and accepting myself – not only to not be ashamed but to help others.

Please contact me through my blog for more advice and contact information for other networks who will help you if you are feeling down in the dumps , think you may have symptoms of a certain mental illness , or you are in need to speak to someone and you have already been diagnosed,

You do not have to be in this alone.

Yoy are loved. ❤

@tiarahallofficial :

Education About Mental Health:

If you need someone to talk to or are feeling depressed/suicidal :

It’s Wild

It’s wild because I hate that I am not myself most of the time and when I am myself I seem to be too much for others. It’s strange because life allows you to be a new person in one second. It’s awkward because over thinking exists and so do butterflies in your stomach. It’s uncomfortable because when you laugh you can either silence a room, or fill a silent room with laughter.

It’s Wild, Like a flower patch out of control with our minds expanding with new knowledge everyday, thinking about ourselves and others, and how we make them feel.

Are we flower patch kids,

am I one?

Are we as excited as we want to be? Are we nervous to turn off our phones because we will miss something? Or are we that insecure and want to make sure no one is speaking a certain way about us.

It’s wild.