Simple, yet quaint reminder #sundaygems💎

A simple reminder
As you leave your house today and enter the world to know that God is with you.
He hears your cries, he’s with you on your sleepiness nights, he’s with you in your dreams as you slumber.
Pray for better days and they’ll come.
Give it time. Breathe. Relax,
Everything’s going to be ok.
– Tiara, words from God. ♡


Life will suck.

I guess it’s a part of the journey.

Keep pushing through, you’ll make it.

Don’t give up on yourself.

Keep working hard.

Even when you feel like life sucks it will get better.

I truly hope it does, for all of us.

– Tiara, words from God. ♡

To my Momma.

Thank you for your endless generosity.

Your protective shield.

Your selflessness.

You are light.

You are love.

You are the definition of a Queen.

I appreciate all that you do,

Your wisdom.

Your love.

Your inner peace.

You are appreciated.

You are my friend.

You are my protector.

You are my sunshine.

You are my birther.

You are my mother.

– Tiara, words from God. ♡


Happy Black History Month!

Hi All,

Happy Black History Month!

May we recognize and honor those who came before us and who paved the way for our freedom.

May we also recognize those in the present still fighting for our justice and civil rights across the world, and may we also pray for our future and it’s leaders.

Our nation is strong, we have fought for our rights, we have stood up for what we know is to be humane.

May we now look at ourselves and realize we are from Kings and Queens!


National Suicide Survivor’s Day.

Hi there,
Around Last week it was National Suicide Survivor’s Day.
Been there – done that. (Survivor 🙏🏾)
It’s not fun to feel alone, and always remember you’re not.
Life is hard.
But God is so so good!
You never know what someone is enduring.
Even those who seem to be the happiest can be the saddest.
Check on your loved ones, you never know what someone’s going through behind closed doors.
Be kind always. Spread love always. xoxo

– Tiara Leigh Hall

Allowing you —

You are allowed to cry.
You are allowed to evolve.
You are allowed to grieve.
You are allowed to be yourself.
You are allowed to have a bad day.
You are allowed to make mistakes.

Keep bettering yourself.

The world wouldn’t be the same with out you, and don’t let ANYONE tell you differently.


– Tiara Leigh Hall

Black and Frustrated by ignorance.

I have time today,

As a black woman who has gets asked these questions almost weekly, I am going to say this for the one time:

Do not ask to touch my hair.
Do not ask me about the “n” word and if it is “ok” for YOU to use it.
Do not ask me why black lives matter and all lives “don’t”.
Do not ask me if my “father” is present in my life.
Do not ask me if ANYTHING that you feel is discriminatory to come out of your mouth to ask a question.
Do not tell me about my own posts on black culture, such as this.

It’s 2018.
Know better.
Do better.
If you’re curious go research, truly research the meanings of why these stereotypical questions are truly offensive.
My life is far to busy to be asked such questions.

Becoming an adult and seeing the “real world”, I’m starting to understand why being a person of color is a struggle within itself.

I’m tired of it,

Thank you. 🧘🏾‍♀️

Ti ♡

– Tiara Leigh Hall

“Existing and Thriving as a black woman is a revolution itself” – Amanda Stenburg