Dear Lord,

I pray for your mercy in my heart and in all those hearts around the world.

Heal our brokenness,

Ease our wounds.

We all need you father, now more than ever as today is the day that you have made.

Let us rejoice and be glad in it Father.

Please bless those in bondage, in famine, and in danger father.

Please heal our hearts as we know that it is where you lay your foundation of love.

Heal our souls as we need you to be the center of our lives.

Heal our minds as for only you know the thoughts we have and will have,

Father –

Help us and heal our spirits as the Holy spirit is you in another form Father. Allow the holy spirit to into our minds, bodies and hearts and let us become better not as just human beings but as children of the kingdom, As souls who want be to with you and stand for you in all eternity.

Lord, bless us in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

In your name Father, Jesus, and Spirit


– Tiara, words from GOD. ♡

Seeping gratefulness

I am grateful for my voice.

I am grateful to have a space where my voice is heard.

I am grateful to have a voice for all beautiful beings who felt voiceless, who are now gone from suicide or are still here and dead inside from an attempt.

I am grateful that my heart is big enough to spill into others the testimony GOD’s given me.
I am grateful. ♡

I am seeping gratefulness in and out my bones for the love and glory of God.

– Tiara, words from God. ♡