To my Momma.

Thank you for your endless generosity.

Your protective shield.

Your selflessness.

You are light.

You are love.

You are the definition of a Queen.

I appreciate all that you do,

Your wisdom.

Your love.

Your inner peace.

You are appreciated.

You are my friend.

You are my protector.

You are my sunshine.

You are my birther.

You are my mother.

– Tiara, words from God. ♡


Trust in our God.

ABBA made you in his image, he birthed you in the spirit and gave you your parents to birth you onto this earth.

Trust in God.

Truly, trust in him.

What is trust you may ask?

Trust is glory in God.

It is masking all of your worries with the presence of God and watching your stress disappear as God has taken the worries of your heart and soul by washing them away with his weeping spirit for this world.

He aches for trust,

Give him the honor he deserves.

I know I need to.


Tiara, words from God. ♡

God blessing me.

God blesses me everyday, yet everyday I become at loss with myself.

I want to grow and love myself but through that I have to do more – I forget to thank God abundantly , and these past couple of weeks I didn’t want to. I became lazy, stopped caring. Well, that stops today.

I am God’s child.

I am Tiara Hall, not anyone else.

I am a light like no other.

I am because he is.

It’ll be okay.

Finding flowers for a feed and a blog is more like therapy, look at these beauties.
Looking at nature makes everything okay.
Breathing in fresh air makes everything okay.
Releasing negative vibes and energy, makes everything okay.

What makes you okay in a certain moment?

Write it down, live it, love it & exceed to being better than just okay.💞 One step at a time my friends, one step at a time. 🖎

I hope,

I hope you find love and happiness today, I hope I do too.

I hope you have the best of your days, I hope I do too.

I hope your prayers are answered and what God wants for you, you follow to; I hope I do too.

I hope you love yourself enough not to be concerned about others, I hope I do too.

I pray your sins away and that you stop over thinking the rest of your days, I pray I do too.



Sometimes we also don’t feel loved. 

Life can get hard. 

People will fall in and out of our lives,  stay or leave completely, we fall in and out of love to either stay together or end up apart.

This is okay. 

You can love yourself without them –

No one defines you but you!
God’s love for you is the best love, Your love for you is the best love! 


No one can take that away from you.