A lose to Win.

Losing yourself and gaining others is one of many great losses in mostly all aspects of life, living for God may be difficult in the flesh – but learning to love for God is the best I’ve done and will continue to do. Each step I take is in faith in him, even when I found myself being distrustful and unfaithful, our God is always there for me as our God is always there for you. Our God , Our Spirit, Our Savior – His holy trinity is amazing and continues to bless and love us, even when we are not returning a teeny weeny bit to Him, the I Am.

Losing others and gaining yourself can give you amongst all things , self love, confidence and truth.

Learn to love.

Learn to live.

Learn to live and love.

Learn to learn about living.

Learn to love for loving.

Learn to live for God

Learn to love for yourself.

Learn to be 》


– A message from me to me and from Ti to you. 💕

It’s Wild

It’s wild because I hate that I am not myself most of the time and when I am myself I seem to be too much for others. It’s strange because life allows you to be a new person in one second. It’s awkward because over thinking exists and so do butterflies in your stomach. It’s uncomfortable because when you laugh you can either silence a room, or fill a silent room with laughter.

It’s Wild, Like a flower patch out of control with our minds expanding with new knowledge everyday, thinking about ourselves and others, and how we make them feel.

Are we flower patch kids,

am I one?

Are we as excited as we want to be? Are we nervous to turn off our phones because we will miss something? Or are we that insecure and want to make sure no one is speaking a certain way about us.

It’s wild.

I got saved today.

I got saved today and I am forever grateful. 🙏☮💓
#happy #christlife #iwassavedtoday #atpeace

I’ve been a Christian my whole life christined as a baby , I was then saved at the age of 13 then baptized, but as an adult I have chosen to make a decision that felt right for me in the right time with the right people.

I never thought it would happen to me at a Christian Ministries at my College – Central Penn, but hey I’m extremely excited about life, my life, and everything there is to come 🙂 ❣


This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Realize, a word of integrity,  if that makes any sense… Talking in ways of disrespect and ignorance ALLOWS me to “Realize” who you are,  who you think I am, and who I am not.

Love is LOVE.


Allow me to use happiness as my defense mechanism.

Does it hurt, are you so upset and in pain that you’d rather see me in chains and inbondage? Would you like me to go down , go under, get a dirtier mind? Well this is a REAL’IZE’ BRAIN, nothing of a Raisin Brand Mind , or is it

– to you?

Question marks above yet my brain is still strong with my ‘HOLY TRINTIY ARMOR ON’ I stand tall and proud with a smile on my face.

Beaming high no lurking of this non-smirking face.

– T. Hall