Boasting 🌟

Their are days when I feel like boasting.

Some days I feel like saying how proud I am of myself.

God has taught me that I am to love myself, to be happy for how far I’ve come, to love my accomplishments, but most importantly not to live for the accomplishments.

Not everything we do has to be broadcasted. Not everything we do needs to be seen by the world. You know what you are doing, but most importantly God knows.

Remember that.

As a note-to-self,

Not everything is to be seen by others, because the only One who sees it that matters is the One who made you and already knows, because he made you.

However God enjoys seeing us rejoice in His name and seeing us happy.

Just begin to understand the difference between being happy for you, and being happy that others are seeing you.

Lots of Love,

Thank you Father in Heaven!

God bless you All,

Tiara, words from God. ♡