To my Mother

Thank you for birthing me out of your womb, giving me life. As God breathed breath into my body in heaven and sent me to be your child I am blessed to have a mother like you.

One who cares at all times, One who loves unconditionally, and One who forgives instantly.

You’ve taught me how to be a better mother, though I have not become one yet, I know how and what to do from my memories with you and for that I am forever grateful. You are my mom, my friend, my road-trip pal, and my secret holder.

For all this and more, I want to say thank you!

I love you. ♡

– Tiara Words from God. ♡

To my Momma.

Thank you for your endless generosity.

Your protective shield.

Your selflessness.

You are light.

You are love.

You are the definition of a Queen.

I appreciate all that you do,

Your wisdom.

Your love.

Your inner peace.

You are appreciated.

You are my friend.

You are my protector.

You are my sunshine.

You are my birther.

You are my mother.

– Tiara, words from God. ♡